Can't Stop Watching Porn?

All around the world people feel trapped by the lure of pornography. For many, porn usage started out of curiosity and innocence. For others, porn came unsolicited and without understanding. Without even realizing it, we find ourselves captivated by pornography. We use it as a way to cope or reward ourselves and yet - we know - deep down, that this is not the life we want to have. We know there are better things for us. We know we shouldn't - yet we do and feel powerless to stop it. If you want to stop watching porn, but feel like you can't - you are not alone. Watch Jack's story and see how he overcame this struggle then click to connect with us so we can help you in your journey to overcome pornography in your life.

Does Jack's Story resonate with you? If you are looking to make long-lasting change in your life and finally overcome your porn addiction then click to connect now. A caring pastor is willing to help walk you through this journey. All Responses Are Confidential.